Laundry room instructions for using the machines

To ensure the best service for you, we have prepared useful instructions, tips, and warnings for you.

Washing machine instruction

Dryer instructions

Warning! Before starting the dryer, pay attention to the label on the laundry or clothing you are drying.

During the operation of the dryer, the screen displays the drying costs and the remaining drying time. To extend the drying cycle, insert more tokens.


Washing or drying items from pets is prohibited!

Washing and drying shoes is prohibited!

Please check your pockets before using the machines.

Before you put your laundry in the washer or dryer, check the label on the clothing. For any accidents, e.g., dyed clothes, etc., during self-service laundry, we are not responsible.

The laundry owner is not responsible for forgotten items or clothing.

Use the washer and dryer at your own risk.

Do not forcibly open the doors of the washer during operation. The doors will open at the end of the program.


1 TOKEN = 1 €

The money changer exchanges bills and coins exclusively into tokens!
Tokens cannot be exchanged back into EUR.